About Winterling

What Winterling is all about

What is Winterling about you ask? Winterling is a business based in Cairns, Australia that aims to bring creativity into functionality. My name is Clare Roberts and I started Winterling in 2017 with the aim to see art come down from the walls, or the fridge door into everyday life so it can be sat on, worn, cuddled and dined on and generally put to good use.


Family is a big inspiration behind Winterling with my daughter, Romy being forefront in my motivation to set up this business. She has always enjoyed all the bee pictures drawn by my Dad, Jim (find him in Meet The Artists). Jim has also been vital in setting up Winterling and continues to support this business in many ways.

How Winterling works

You choose what you would like to have printed such as a cushion or a bag and then you can either select one of our Australian artists designs or upload your own design in As You Wish. And whichever you choose you will either be supporting an artist or supporting a charity or cause.

So do some good for yourself and also the community!

Supporting artists

Winterling recognises the abundant talent of artists in Australia, and therefore aims to provide a platform for artists to showcase their designs. Winterling directly supports artist by providing a percentage of sales upon purchase of their designs.

We are always recruiting! If you would like to be a part of the Winterling artist stable please email info@winterling.com.au for more information.

Supporting local charities and causes

Winterling also supports specific charities and causes based in Australia.

Save the Bees

Bee Series – These lovely bees are drawn by my Dad, Jim. There are many different colours and styles to choose from, so check them out in the animal section. And to make these even sweeter, $1 from every bee product sold goes to Save The Bees Australia.

You can learn more about the plight of bees and the vital role bees have in our survival at www.beethecure.com.au


Save the Frogs

For every product sold in the Botanical series, we will donate 1$ to Save the Frogs Australia. This was the wish of the (late) artist Charlotte Mohring as she had a great affinity for frogs.

The aim of SAVE THE FROGS! is to “protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife.”

To learn more about the protection of frogs go to:


Tipping Point

For every product sold in the Fish series, we will donate $1 to Tipping Point. This is an organisation committed to taking action on climate change and really making a difference.

“Our climate has crossed a tipping point. People power can tip it back.

The solutions are at our fingertips. Millions of Australians are on our side. What we need is a people-powered movement taking sustained, bold, and creative action that will drive the social and political change our climate so desperately needs.”

for more info visit www.tippingpoint.org.au